Exercise Classes

*At present no indoor classes are running*

But good news there are virtual sessions. Please get in touch to see which classes are running and to find out further details.

The exercise classes provided by Live Well Neuro Physio are physiotherapy led which means they are designed with an understanding of neurological conditions, tailored to achieve specific therapeutic benefits and you will be guaranteed individual guidance.

Each class is part of an 8 week course and classes are between 45mins and 1 hour in length. Once you have completed your 8 week course it is possible to book on to subsequent courses.

Live Well Neuro Physio offers 6 different classes. Read the descriptions and evidence-based benefits below. See which class is most suitable for you?

Building balance

Reduced balance is a common symptom in many neurological conditions and can have a profound effect on confidence, independence and mobility. This class aims to give you the opportunity to challenge your balance in a safe environment as well as exercise ideas for home practice.

Public Health England (July 2019) in association with the National Falls prevention Coordination Group supports the provision of specific balance training exercise programmes to aid in the prevention of falls.

Cardio and Strength

A class to raise your heart rate and increase your work of breathing combined with muscle strengthening. Improving cardiovascular fitness can benefit all aspects of daily living.

The Stroke NICE Guidelines (1.9.7) recommend that ‘Cardiorespiratory and resistance training, for people with stroke, should be started by a physiotherapist’.

MS Core and More

Core strength is often affected in MS. Having stability centrally can assist the limbs by reducing the demands on them, which in turn can reduce effort and tone. This class has a core focus but also aims at providing strength and stability to the limbs as well. 

MS NICE guidelines recommend ‘supervised exercise programmes for people with MS’ experiencing ‘mobility problems and/or fatigue’ and that ‘continuing to exercise will continue to ‘help your MS’.

Neuro Cycle

The reciprocal (alternate) leg action created when cycling has many therapeutic benefits including; reducing tone (muscle stiffness) and this leg patterning has a close correlation to walking, as well as it providing a good cardiovascular workout.

A systematic review of 24 studies on the epidemiology of leg spasticity reported a prevalence of 28-38% in stroke, 41-66% in multiple sclerosis, and 13% in traumatic brain injury (The Management of Spasticity in Adults BMJ 2014; 349)

PD HIT (high intensity work out)

A workout designed specifically for Parkinson’s symptoms, which is high energy. You will be working at 80% of your maximum effort. Much of the recent research has been promoting intensity of exercise and the potential ‘neuroprotective’ mechanism that it can provide.

The PD NICE Guidelines (1.7.3) advises ‘Parkinson’s disease-specific physiotherapy for people who are experiencing balance or motor function problems.’ 

Wheelchair Workout

Finding ways to achieve a cardiovascular workout can be more challenging in a wheelchair, this class aims to provide a solution to that!

The Cerebral Palsy NICE guidelines (1.2.18) also recognises ‘the importance of physical activity in maintaining general fitness and physical and mental health’.

If you have any questions or would like to book on to any classes please get in touch.

Having a disability is all about what you can do

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