One to One Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy treatment

Why seek individual physiotherapy treatment?

One to one physiotherapy can be helpful at different times. Below are some examples of how clinic based physiotherapy intervention can help you.

  • At the beginning of your rehabilitation journey, soon after injury or diagnosis.
  • Following any changes to your condition or health.
  • When you have identified specific new goals to work towards.
  • Creating or updating a home exercise programme.
  • Providing advice and education about managing a long-term condition.
  • Guidance on any additional equipment that may be necessary.


All clinic appointments are 45 minutes at present. A virtual assessment and screening will be carried out prior to any clinic appointment. The therapist will be in PPE during the session. For more detailed information on practice changes in response to covid follow this link.

Location: My Healthcare Clinic, Commodore House, Battersea Reach, Juniper Drive, SW18 1TW

Accessibility: Level access, wide doorways and accessible toilet facilities.

Transport: Vehicle drop off available outside. Bus stops very close – Petergate TN and L, Bridgend TM. Nearest Station Wandsworth Town.

“It’s about being comfortable functioning on a day to day basis”

Michael J Fox
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